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I would like to introduce you to our new line of  Nano-Technology products and services for Costa Rica and Panama.

Nano-Tech No Slip Products and Services

We are the exclusive representatives in Costa Rica and Panama for
Nano-Tech No Slip Products
These Nano-Technology  products to make all your floors slip resistant inside and outside

I am sure many of you have fallen or know of friends who have fallen in Costa Rica on wet tile, marble, ceramic, and other types of floors. When they get wet the are like ice.
With our new
Nano-Tech No Slip products we can make any floor slip resistant.

Our products have been used around the globe for many years. They comply with all standards in the United States, Canada, and Europe for slip resistant floors.

What is Nano Technology ?
Nanotechnology, the revolutionary science and art of manipulating matter at the atomic or molecular scale. Nanotechnology is not just about the size of very small things. More important, it is about structure and the ability to work. Research in areas related to nanomaterial is needed to develop manufacturing techniques, in particular, is a synergy of top-down with bottom-up processes.

When a matter is as small as 1 to 100 nanometers, many of its features will easily change and form into many different unique conditions both different from macro-matters and single atom due to the quanta effect, regional confinement of matter, and huge surface or interface effects.

The final objective of nanometer technology is to produce products of special functions with new physical and chemical features by making atoms, molecules and matters presenting their features directly in the length of a nanometer: the strength of ten times of iron could be very light, all information in a library could be stored in a chip the size as a piece of square sugar, and tumors the sizes of only several cells can be detected.

Our Products
Nano-Tech No Slip Type "S"

Effective on slippery polished marble, granite floors and ceramic tile floors.  Nano-Tech No Slip Type "S" coating creates a transparent structure on the top of the surface to make better traction. Nano-Tech No Slip Type "S" coating, not only greatly increases slip resistance from 50% up to 80%, but also makes marble floors water and stain resistant. It does not change the color of the floor. 
3 Year Warranty when maintained per our instructions.
  • Effective on: polished marble, ceramic tiles, white porcelain, fiberglass bathtub, fiberglass shower pan, and vinyl.
  • Benefits: Invest in your safety; one treatment makes the floor slip-resistant for a minimum 3 years when maintained according to our instructions. You save money on insurance, prevent slip/fall accident, reduce lawsuits.
Nano-Tech No Slip Type "E"
Effective on: ceramic tiles, porcelain, concrete, bathtubs. Nano-Tech No Slip Type "E" microscopically produces an invisible tread on the slippery surface. This treatment makes floors slip-resistant for a minimum of three years, indoors and outdoors.
3 Year Warranty when maintained per our instructions.
  • Effective on:
    glazed ceramic tiles, concrete, glazed bathtub, porcelain, slate, and quarry tiles, travertine marble. 
  • Benefits:
    Invest in your safety; one treatment makes the floor slip-resistant for a minimum of 3 years when maintained according to our instructions. You save money on insurance, prevent slip/fall accident, reduce lawsuits.
Because of our advanced technology you will not have toxic fumes and harsh acids to contend with during our application.

If you search out other no slip floor treatment companies on line you will notice they all require the use of rubber boots, gloves and masks that must be worn. Very harsh chemicals and fumes.

Our Services
Because of the technical nature of our products we provide the application of our products. We can also provide maintenance service if you desire or train your staff to do it correctly.

Nano-Tech No Slip floor treatments are safe to the surface. The are applied quickly and conveniently without any major work disruptions to your home or business environment. Once the non-slip treatment is applied it’s easy to maintain and clean just as you always have. The difference is that now the surface becomes safer and slip resistant.

Nano-Tech No Slip Protection Maintenance
The cleaner the floor, the more effective the non-slip treatment. If dirt, oil, grease, wax, and other substances cover the Nano-Tech microscopic grooves, the COF (coefficient of friction) will go down and in turn the floor becomes slippery again.

We will work around your business schedule, after hours or weekends. Once our non slip treatment is applied, you will be able to walk on your floors immediately after the application!
We offer the most effective no-slip applications for ceramic, marble, granite and fiber glass bath tubs.
These floors are now safe:
  • YMCA (9) location in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  • Target Corporation Building Services
  • Casa del Mar hotel Santa Monica, CA.
  • Saint John’s Hospital Medical Plaza Santa Monica CA.
  • Nevada Cancer Institute Las Vegas NV.
  • Burke Williams Day/Spa
  • City of Santa Monica- Transportation Management Division
  • Vargo Physical Therapy, INC. Swimming pool deck Reseda CA.
  • Rehabilitation Center Beverly Hills CA.
  • Union Bank of California Beverly Hills
  • 270 North Canyon Dr. Beverly Hills
  • 234 Rodeo Dr. Beverly Hills
  • Home Town Buffet in Anaheim and Santa Ana
  • Yellow Basket Restaurants of Santa Ana and Temecula
  • Numerous private homes and swimming pool decks.
  • STEVENSON School-Pebble Beach 17 mile CA.
  • U.S. Army Fort Peck, Montana
  • Disneyland
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Many many more in the last 10 years
Servicing Costa Rica and Panama.

Call me for an appointment to discuss your needs.

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